Helping You to Legally Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Rights!


Contact Information:

Bob and Claudia Mabesoone
Kingwood, TX

Phone:    281-460-7058


Welcome to Full Mag Firearms. We are a company specializing in the legal transfer of firearms in Texas by conducting the NICS background checks. However, if you hold a current Texas Concealed Handgun License or a current Texas License to Carry, the ATF has approved the transfer of a firearm to you by us (the FFL holder) without conducting an NICS Background Check. 


Our Mission

To assist law abiding citizens of The United States in exercising their God given right,
as stated in The Second Amendment of The Constitution of The United States, to
Keep and Bear Arms.

If you are interested in a particular gun, let us find it for you.

Our prices are usually less that the local or chain gun stores.

Just email us with your request and we will work diligently to find your gun!

or call



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