Helping You to Legally Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Rights!

Our Service

We have the ability to Receive Firearms purchased from a Gun Company or a Gun Dealer and Transfer it to you by the legal use of our Class 1 Federal Firearms License, upon completion of a successful NICS Background Check which we can conduct in our office.  


We can only do transfers for residents of Texas!

Transfer Fee for either Handguns or long guns is $30.00 each.

Key Benefits

  • Legal Sale of Firearms to law abiding legal persons.
  • You can buy directly from the manufacturer or online gun sale sites and have it shipped to us for transfer to you.
  • Keeping you away from the higher prices of sporting goods and gun shops.
  • Criminals do not see you walking out of a gun shop with a package.
  • If you are interested in a particular gun and can't find it, Let us find it for you. Are prices are usually less that the local or chain gun stores.


Capability 1
Able to discretely and legally transfer a firearm into your possession.
Capability 2
Able to bypass the gun shops who may try to sell you a gun that you don't want.
Capability 3
We can do the NICS background checks right in our office. Remember, if you hold a current Texas CHL, the ATF allows us to transfer to you without the NICS check.
Capability 4
We can transfer handguns, long guns and shotguns.
PRIVACY POLICY - Any information solicited or acquired by this website or this company will be held in the strictest of confidence. All credit card information taken over the phone will be destroyed as soon as the credit card sale has been processed. We will not sell ANY contact information to ANYONE. All credit card information used by this website will not be saved.

Return policy - we will accept NO RETURNS on NEW firearms purchased from Full Mag Firearms. Problems with new firearms are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Returns of USED firearms will be accepted if not found to be in the stated condition within 3 days of receiving the firearm. Accessories will have a 30 day return window. Before returning any item, please contact for resolution. Refunds will be for the purchase price and any applicable taxes less cost of shipping.

Shipping Policy - Shipping of Handguns will be made via USPS Priority Mail and cost will be stated in the description of the item. Long guns and accessories will be shipped via either FEDEX or UPS ground.

State and Federal Laws -We adhere to all state and Federal Laws pertaining to the sale of firearms, magazines and ammunition with regard to restrictions of these sales. It is the responsibility of the buyer to insure that the firearm(s)/ammunition is legal in their state before purchasing any item. Keep in mind that firearms can ONLY be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and some States, i.e. New York, require ammunition to only be shipped to an FFL.
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