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1. Can a convicted Felon buy and own a gun?

Ans. Normally not. A convicted felon may own a gun only if he/she has had his/her rights restored by the courts

2. Can I use your company to transfer a handgun to me if I do not live in Texas?

Ans. We can not legally transfer a handgun to anyone who is not a resident of the state of Texas. Even though we have a Federal Firearms License, we are restricted to residents of Texas as all Class 1 FFLs are restricted to transferring handguns only to residents of their State. However, if you buy a gun from someone in Texas and wish to have it shipped to you in another State, we can provide shipping of the firearm(s) to another FFL in your area so that he/she can transfer it to you.

3. Are there any States that allow open carry of firearms?

Ans. There are a few states that allow open carry (carrying an unconcealed weapon or handgun). Arizona, Alaska, Texas and Nevada to name a few. But, check with that state's law enforcement, or that state's website, on the rules for doing so. One example is Nevada. If you are carrying in the open and you are wearing a jacket and the jacket accidentally covers your weapon, you are then carrying concealed and you better have a concealed carry permit for the State of Nevada or at least one that is recognized by Nevada. Another would be Texas; in order to open carry in Texas, you must hold a current Concealed Carry License and you can only open carry using a Shoulder Holster or Holster at the waist.

4. If I have a concealed carry permit from my state, can I carry in other states?

Ans. It may be possible for you to carry your concealed handgun in other states but the state in question needs to have a reciprocity with your state. You would be well advised to check with any state within which you wish to carry to check reciprocity and remember, the concealed carry rules may be, and quite probably are, very different than in your state. Keep in mind that every State has different laws. In one state you may be able to carry concealed into a bank and others you may not. In Texas, it is legal to carry concealed in a liqueur store because they do not SERVE liqueur. However, it is illegal to do so in Florida and other States.
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